About Us

Our Mission

"To inspire humanity about the importance of good healthy habits."

Our Story

Hello 👋, my name is Raymond Kneipp. While in high school, I developed a passion for working out and, I quickly realized the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. So I began helping my friends and family by teaching them what I had learned. To reach even more people, I created BioBoost.

What We Solve

So many of the supplements we consume have proprietary blends that do not indicate the quantity of the ingredients listed. Supplements nowadays do not offer customization that is required for an individual to reach their goals. BioBoost solves both of these problems by allowing you to create for own formula from scratch.

What We Offer

BioBoost offers customized formulas to help you reach your fitness goals, improve your cognitive function, and improve your health. We engineer supplements custom to the individual. Everyone is non-identical, and your supplementation should be too. Everyone has different goals and needs, so your supplement should cater to you.

Who We Serve

If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, biohacker, or just someone looking to enhance any area of your life, customized supplement blends are for you.

What We Value

We value spreading honesty and transparency throughout the fitness industry.